Marie-Claude Germain

Personal development and Life Coach

Do you find yourself out of place or dreaming of a different life?

Are you unhappy without being able to pinpoint why?

Are you stuck with the same patterns and habits that prevent you from living the way you really want?
Coaching and positive psychology could help you!
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Are you ready to live your best life?

Hi, I’m Marie

I’m a Tel-Aviv-based life and personal development  coach with a positive psychology lens. I am a warm, non-judgemental and very empathic person. I am driven to help other women tap their potential, bloom in their life and take control of their wellbeing. I wish all of us could live our best life. I am fascinated about both the biological, psychological and social aspects of being human and how these components are interrelated. Having a postgraduate certificate in coaching psychology and positive psychology from the University of East London, I base myself on sounded theories and use evidence-based as well as intuitive and sometimes somatic approaches to coaching. I am a member of the Institute of Coaching and I am constantly working on self and professional development in order to be able to offer the best services that I can. I am deeply committed to my clients and their wellbeing

COACHING services


I am available on week days in a clinic in the center of Tel Aviv to meet you in person and have face to face coaching.


Wherever you are in the world we can have coaching via an online videoconference platform. More flexible hours available to fit your schedule. We can also have coaching conversations over the phone. Sometimes people prefer this over videocall.

COACHING at the beach

Join fun to useful. When weather allows it, instead of meeting in a clinic we can have coaching sessions at the beach in Tel Aviv.

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Free yourself from your patterns

Are you tired of finding yourself in the same unpleasant position over and over again?

Coaching can help you see through your unhelpful patterns and replace them with healthier habits in order for you to become your best possible self and finally live a life you have been dreaming of.

Unstuck yourself

Do you find yourself out of place or dreaming of a different life?

Coaching can help you see through limiting beliefs or behaviors that keep you from moving forward

embrace more positivity

Are you unhappy without being able to pinpoint why? 

Positive psychology and coaching can change your focus and make you happier

Achieve your life goals

Would you like to find the courage to make that move that will make your life what you want it to be?

Coaching can help you thrive, increase your motivation and courage to go for your goals and get the life you want


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