Marie-Claude Germain


Personalized coaching for women. I am here to help you reach your goals, unstuck yourself and live a happier and more meaningful life. Are you ready to live your best life?

Hi, I’m Marie

I’m a Tel-Aviv-based life coach with a positive psychology lense. I am a warm, non-judgemental and very empathic person. I am driven to help other women tap their potential, bloom in their life and take control of their health. I wish all of us could live our best life. I am fascinated about both the biological, psychological and social aspects of being human and how these components are interrelated. I base myself on sounded theories and use evidence-based as well as intuitive and sometimes somatic approaches to coaching. I am constantly working on self and professional development in order to be able to offer the best services that I can. I am deeply committed to my clients and their wellbeing.

I am Trauma informed but unfortunately NOT trained to deal with trauma at this moment.

COACHING services

Unlock your potential

Do you feel like your life is not exciting, that you are not doing or being what you would want to?

 Coaching can help you become your best possible self 

Unstuck yourself

Do you want a different life but you think that you are just not one of these lucky people that can achieve that?

 Coaching can help you see through limiting beliefs or behaviors that keep you from moving forward

embrace more positivity

Do you find everything is negative or frustrating or anxiety provoking or just blah?

 Positive psychology and coaching can change your focus and make you happy

Achieve your life goals

Do you procrastinate, have ambitions but it seems to never be the right time to make a move, or do you quit when it doesn’t go your way?

Coaching can help you thrive, increase your motivation, reach your goals and get the life you want

Is coaching the right fit for me?

Are you a woman who feels stuck in your life or wish you could do changes but do not know how and/or where to start? Maybe you have goals and/or dreams but somehow you do not let yourself reach them. Maybe you are telling yourself you can’t or just not able to see how you could. If you are willing that we look into your limiting beliefs or behaviours, I can support you to get there. If you are willing to work towards growth and apply positive changes, I could assist you in the pursuit of your best life.


I am available on week days during day time between 9h00 until 15h00 in a clinic in the

centre of Tel Aviv to meet you in person and have face to face coaching.


Wherever you are in the world we can have coaching via an online videoconference platform. More flexible hours available to fit your schedule.


Whether you are in Israel and prefer to have coaching remotely or somewhere else in the

world, we can have coaching conversations over the phone. Sometimes people prefer this

over videocall.

Get in touch now for a complementary chemistry call