Life coach with a positive psychology lens

I’m a Tel-Aviv-based life coach with a positive psychology focus. I am warm, non judgemental and very empathic. I am driven to help other women tap their potential, bloom in their life and take control of their wellbeing. I wish all of us could live our best life. I am fascinated about both the biological, psychological and social aspects of being human and how these components are interrelated. Having a postgraduate certificate in coaching psychology and positive psychology from the University of East London, I base myself on sounded theories and use evidence-based as well as intuitive and sometimes somatic approaches to coaching. I am a member of the Institute of Coaching and I am constantly working on self and professional development in order to be able to offer the best services that I can. I am deeply committed to my clients and their wellbeing.


About ten years ago, I took the hardest and best decision of my life. I was working as a Nurse in a large Montreal hospital, owned my own house in a “in demand” neighbourhood of that city, had great friends and family but I was unhappy. After having completed 3 degrees in Nursing; technical (Canadian college), Bachelor (University of Montreal) and master degree (McGill University) and practiced for over ten years in different positions and departments, I decided I had to do something else. It was a painful and long decision process. I eventually completed a massage therapy program (Kine-concept), packed my suitcases and moved country. I followed my heart to be with an amazing man who became my husband (the best one), and for almost a decade, I ran my own business (and still do)( I studied multiple manual therapy modalities and brought forward different projects. 


Meanwhile, I just kept contemplating how much my life has changed and how content and happy I have become. In my interaction with other people, I started to notice how many of them would stay in unhealthy or unsatisfying situations. How so many seemed to be stuck in their life, not striving for their goals or not letting themselves even blink to the possibility of realizing their dreams. And mainly, how so many were deeply unhappy. These were privileged people who could do or become who they wanted to, but didn’t. I started to wonder why making changes was so hard even if that was meant to be for the best. I became fascinated by the psychology behind this and that lead me to wanting to study coaching. 


So I enrolled in a Postgraduate program in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London (UEL). I absolutely loved it and completed the postgraduate certificate with distinction. Seeing all the benefits of positive psychology on myself, it piqued my interest to deepen my knowledge of this field and I completed another class on this topic at Reichman University (IDC). Subsequently, I followed several ICF accredited continuous education programs, on the topic of adult development and on the neuroscience of change from Coaches Rising, as well as one on Vertical Development from the Institute of Coaching (IOC). I am presently enrolled in a somatic coaching program in order to tackle more in depth the mind-body connection in coaching.

My goal is to help other women unravel the obstacles between them and their best life.

Education & Credentials

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

University of East London

Certificate in positive psychology

Reichman University(IDC)

ICF accredited continuous education

Coaches Rising and Institute of Coaching

“ My mission is to help women achieve their goals and live the best life they can”
Life coach

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